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Foldable Phones, Tablets and TVs are coming soon!

     In the past couple years rumors have been going around the tech world about the development of foldable display technologies. A few of the top tech manufactures have obtained patents for a variety of foldable displays including Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. No official announcements have been made for the release of a foldable phone or device until now.

     Recently Samsung have a press release tech demo that showed off a foldable device named the Galaxy F. It employs what Samsung is calling Infinity Flex Display Technology that allows a device the size of a modern day tablet to be folded and fit into a pocket. The device has a 7.3"" display that can fold in half and a second display on the outside of the device that can be used when it is folded. Few details about the Galaxy F were given outside of the tech demo showing off its main selling point the foldable display. It has been mentioned though that the device will be a relatively exclusive device, with estimates of pricing has put the Galaxy F at as high at $1700 USD.

     Samsung CEO Koh Dong Jin has stated that the vision of the company is to sell 1 million foldable devices in the year 2019. This coincides with the news that Samsung is ramping up its production of Infinity Flex Displays.

     Samsung is not the only company who is moving into the foldable device market. Huawei has stated that it to is planning on launching a foldable with a planned release schedule ahead of the Galaxy F. Still there are no solid details on Huawei's foldable phone as of yet. LG meanwhile already has unveiled a 65 inch display that can be rolled up like a map

     It still remains to be seen how widespread the technology will become. Many predict that foldable display technology could soon inhabit all devices as the technology could result in unbreakable displays being developed that will never break under normal conditions. At any rate there is no debate that foldable tech is going to be increasingly common moving into the future. 



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