Landshark Information Technology

Computer Repair

Landshark IT can fix just about anything related to computers, PC or Mac. Give us a call and we can do exactly what you need. No project too large or small. You can also use our contact form.


Remote Computer Repair

Get professional American remote computer repair and support when you need it. Landshark IT can maintain your computer, backup your data online, and provide worry-free computer service when it has to happen.

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PC Repair

As PC repair specialists, we have seen a lot of PC related problems and can therefore determine the quickest solution. We have experience with all different kinds of form factors and models. No matter how old or new, we can give you a hand with your problem.

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Laptop Repair

Laptops require special attention due to how small the technology within is. Landshark IT works with HP, Toshiba, Gateway, and is also certified for many other brands. Need a virus or spyware removed? Need a new LCD screen installed? Keyboard malfunctioning? You name the problem, we’ll have a solution.

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Web Design

Does your business need to be found on the internet? Get on the web with Landshark IT. If you need a website or if you just need maintenance on your current website, Landshark IT has a quick solution for you.

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Let us help you secure your Network. We will take preventative measures to protect the networking infrastructure from misuse, unauthorized access, malfunction, destruction, or improper disclosure. Landshark will create a secure platform for computers and users to perform their critical functions within a secure environment.

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