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If you’re looking for help with your Mac, whether repair or support, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers have years of experience with iMac, Mac Pro, iPad, iPhone and MacBook.



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Don’t put your Mac at risk with an inexperienced company, choose Landshark IT for our high level of integrity and experience. Make sure your Mac is fixed right the first time.

St. Pete Macbook Repair

We can cover anything related to Mac repair

Did you crack your screen, mess up your keyboard, or damage your older Mac and the Genius Bar is asking some insane amount to repair it that’s just not worth it? Before giving up, give us a call! We can often make those repairs at a fraction of the cost, and the assessment is free! If the price is agreeable we will then do the work and get you back up and running in no time, we can even pick up and drop off your Mac for free if stopping by is inconvenient.
Tampa Apple repair, iPad, iPhone
Is your old mac slowing down on you? Do you want to upgrade, but don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to get the newest model? Then ask about upgrading, usually with a simple SSD and RAM upgrade, we can make your Mac run just as fast as the newer models, at a fraction of the price! We can also upgrade your older Mac through to the newest Mac OS once that’s done. No more messages about not having enough memory and stupid crashes!

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