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24/7-network-monitoringWhat does Managed Services Mean for your Business?

Save Money 

Landshark IT Managed Services is perfect for any business that wants to save money. By utilizing our experienced technicians, businesses can optimize their spending for other things. We guarantee both up-time and cost reduction for your IT budget as a whole, since our experience leads to saving time.


Network Uptime

With our 24×7 monitoring and support, you can be confident that when you have to work in the morning, everything will work as you need it to. No wasted business hours trying to get things up and running again.


Improved Security

Our specialists have years of experience with the most secure systems. No more worries about breaches or audits, as we will make sure all of your data is secure.


Landshark-networking high efficiency

High Efficiency

Very few businesses have the need or experience to fully and effectively utilize an internal IT staff. This commonly results in under or overstaffed IT departments. Understaffed IT can cause lack of support when needed most, and downtime of critical systems like network and email at the most inopportune moment possible. Over-staffing, of course, is just as bad as it is a waste of money for the company.

This is where we can help. Choose the unlimited monthly contract, and you will never have to worry about variable IT costs again. You pay the same bill month to month, and we take care of everything else. Never again will you have to make decisions about systems that you do not want to deal with.

Choose to go with our hourly rate and save money anyway! We have designed our managed services to suit businesses of all types. Perfect if you have a major project that needs to get done or only need occasional network support, as it will save you the hassle of having to hire somebody to maintain everything in your environment.

Whether your business needs computer repair or needs help deploying an entire redundant infrastructure, our engineers will be there to help. We have all the tools and expertise to make sure that your repaired computers will be back to you before you notice, and whatever infrastructure upgrades you need will be in place and running smoothly with minimal downtime.

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