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Laptop Repair


When looking for laptop repair, we understand that you really need your laptop to work, no matter where you are. Business or home, being left without it is unacceptable for any amount of time.

You need your laptop fixed fast, and you need it fixed cheap. Our team at Landshark IT uses many of the most advanced diagnostics and repair solutions to make sure you get your laptop repair goes smoothly, and you get your notebook back in working order as soon as possible. We’ve fixed every manner of notebook from macbook to toughbook, so we are confident in repairing yours.


No matter what band of laptop you have, we have the expertise to fix the problem.

Landshark IT has worked with many different brands and problems. Solutions can differ based on brand. The brand can also tell us common solutions to common problems.

No matter the issue, we can fix it. Every physical aspect of the laptop such as broken hinges, broken case, shattered screen, bad keyboard, broken charging port, broken usb ports, etc. Every piece of hardware can usually be replaced, hard drive, motherboard, RAM, CPU, wireless chip, etc. We will also quote you ahead of time once we take a quick look and diagnose the issue, as we perfectly understand that sometimes, it’s just not worth it to repair that old laptop anymore. We will make sure to select the best option for you, as we would much rather you walk away happy with our service than to do unnecessary work. You can also upgrade your old laptop to work like new again. It’s amazing what an SSD and a new stick of ram can do to an old notebook to make it run like new again!

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