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Email and Security



Email is a critical part of almost everyone's workflow these days. Yet this is exactly why 94% of malware is delivered via email. Even if you understand everything there is to know about email and have it set up the way you like, there is certainly more that we could do to make sure you don't become part of that statistic.

From standard workspace email, to Office 365, Onsite Exchange, Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail, Landshark IT can help you and your organization set up, migrate, and manage any combination of servers, services, and clients to better meet your needs.

Problems with junk mail? Let us solve your mail flow and delivery issues. We can show you how to apply junk email filters, or upgrade your email experience entirely. Junk mail is far more than a nuisance, as getting mounds of unwarranted spam creates a greater opening for a malicious phishing email to slip through by way of simple fatigue and inattention.




Email security is an absolutely critical part of using this vital tool safely, and is entirely individual to each company. No matter what kind of ready made packages other companies may push, we believe in an individual approach to determine the needs and requirements for each company and person.

Some companies may need secure email for HIPAA, legal reasons, or just prefer it to limit liability in general. Others may need fine tuning of their spam filter because they actually need to be able to see things that a strict filter will block for their advertising or design firm. Either way we will work with you to get you to where you need to be.

The most important portion of email security is the human element, both in determining requirements as already mentioned, and more importantly even for training people to avoid errors. There is no perfect spam filter, and 72% of malware comes from infected colleagues and other trusted sources, so some things will always slip through. The only sure way to ensure security is to make certain that the person behind the keyboard understands how to stay safe. We provide training and consulting for making sure your employees will not click on that phishing link and send millions to who knows where.

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