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Work From Home

     People across the globe are beginning to work from home increasingly especially given current events. There are many benefits to working from home including increased productivity, lower operating costs, greater flexibility with hours, and reduced commute times. 

     As more people are directed to work from home, it is critical that they are setup with the proper resources to succeed. A proper workspace will often utilize VPN networking, Email, VOIPs, and wireless networks. Issues with these systems can become a burden and impede productivity.

     There are a variety of privacy effective solutions for remote work. Each of which have unique features that are better for different applications. Landshark IT has been helping clients and businesses setup remote workspaces for years. We will work with you to build a customized solution for your specific needs.

     Recently, innovate solutions such as Microsoft Teams are available for free during these times. Solutions for convenient data access and secure remote access are available. Contact us for a free consultation appointment and we will help!


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