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Warranty Void if Removed Stickers Are Actually Illegal

Warranty Void if Removed is plastered all over every little screw on every laptop, phone, and electronic device these days. Yet it turns out that the FTC has warned manufacturers repeatedly that this is illegal. They cannot actually prevent you from repairing your own device.

When asked directly, a manufacturer even quoted: "Removing that sticker will not void your warranty. We put that on there to discourage users from opening up the laptop. However, if you cause any damage yourself while opening it or during upgrades/maintenance, then the warranty is void."

There are a couple of caveats and mental gymnastics that manufacturers still do with the DMCA and software that is loaded on devices, but for the purpose of repair, and provided that you don't cause any damage as stated above, you are absolutely free to ignore those damned little stickers.

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