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Installing and searching for updates is slow Windows 7

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How to Fix Keyboard Not Working after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Method 1. Turn Off Filter Keys to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update. After installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then the keyboard goes completely dead and can’t type anything anywhere. The blue light is on, but all keys are not functioning. If you experience the same symptom, you could follow these steps to resolve the Windows 10 Anniversary Update keyboard not working problem.

Step 1. Click Start and then click Settings

Step 2. Click on Ease of access

Step 3. Click Keyboard in the left pane

Step 4. Turn off Filter Keys in the right pane

Method 2. Update the Keyboard Driver to Fix Keyboard Not Working after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

There is high possibility that the outdated keyboard driver that causes your keyboard not working after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Your system is upgraded, but your keyboard driver can’t be upgraded automatically. The driver incompatibility triggers the issue.

Radio Wave Propagation

Radio wave propagation describes the properties of radio waves as they travel through the air. Radio waves are light waves, a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are formed by the vibrations of electric and magnetic fields.

These fields are perpendicular to one another in the direction the wave is traveling. Once formed, this energy travels at the speed of light until further interaction with matter. They travel in wave form.

Samsung Galaxy S7 LCD lines on screen

Vertical red or pink lines located on either edge or down the middle of the screen, usually mean a screen replacement is necessary.

Microsoft Office Installation x64/x86 issue

regedit \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products Find and delete office x64 edition or x86 edition depending on what you’re trying to install.

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