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Apple Doubles Ram Upgrade Costs

Apple Doubles Ram Upgrade Costs

     Apple has decided that they will be raising the cost of RAM upgrades across all of their MacBook Pro products. The price increase specifically applies to upgrading from 8 to 16 GB which previously carried a $100 price tag now been doubled to $200. The original cost of $100 was comparable to the fee one would pay in a new Surface Pro 6.

     However, the new pricing scheme is now much more than Apple’s competitors and is close to what you would expect to pay for 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Which leads to the next point, the RAM that is now priced at $200 is not the current generation, specifically last generation's LPDDR3 memory in the recently refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro model which recently debuted a little more than one month ago.

     Apple has stated that the reason for the price increase is that they want the fee to be uniform in cost for the same upgrade in other products they offer. If you recently ordered a 13-Inch MacBook Pro do not worry, Apple has stated that it will be honoring all orders placed prior to the price increase.

     With the base 16GB 13-inch MacBook now costing $1499, the price gap between the lowest and highest end models is now less than ever before. For an extra $200 you walk away with a top of the line MacBook with double the storage capacity (512GB) and a substantially upgraded 10th gen Intel CPU. Not to mention the RAM is upgraded to the current generation LPDDR4X in the top model which is considerably faster and more power efficient.

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