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Limitations of the Most Popular Video Conferencing Software

Limitations of the Most Popular Video Conferencing Software

     Now more than ever, in part because of the pandemic, businesses are switching to working from home. In order to better manage and organize at home workers many business's are utilizing video conferencing software.

     For years companies have been saving time and money by bringing their meetings online.There are several advantages that video conferencing brings to the workplace. Online audio/video meetings, screen share, easy to use recording, all while minimizing the need for physical meetings. 

     Each conferencing program has its advantages and limitations. The main limitations include the price per user, the maximum number of concurrent users in a video conference. Depending on your needs it is important to pick the software that is best for you.

     Here is a list of the most popular video conferencing software with their maximum number of participants, time limits and pay structure. 

Software Max # Participants Meeting Time Limit Price
Zoom 100-500 40 min-24 hrs $0 - $20/mo/host
Cisco Webex Meetings 50-200 Unlimited $0 - $27.95/mo/host
Microsoft Teams 80 4 hrs (Included in Office 365)
Google Hangouts 25-Oct Unlimited (Included in G Suite)
Google Meet 100-250 24 Hrs (Included in G Suite)   
Uber Conference 10-100 5 Hrs $15/mo/host 5-250 Unlimited $0-30/mo/host
GoToMeeting 10-150 2 Hrs $12-20/mo/host
Blue Jeans 25-100 Unlimited $10-14/mo/host
Abode Connect 25-1000 Unlimited $50-580/mo/host
Skype 50 4 Hrs Free

     Several of the above options have trials that enable users to try them out and discover their full suite of features. The most useful features to look out for when selecting your video conferencing software include video recording, file and application sharing, remote control, and interactive whiteboards.


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