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Gmail is getting an update!

Gmail is getting an update!

Google has recently announced that a large update to its popular email service Gmail is on the way. The update is going to have new security features, including new phishing alerts that will be much harder miss. Two-factor authentication and date expiration features will be added for individual emails granting users more security over their emails.

Other features that will be included are greater functionality from the inbox screen. Users will be able to open attachments without having to open emails, snooze emails so that you will get re-notified, and seamlessly access other google applications such as Google Calendar, Google Tasks, and Keep. Smart Reply is also being added which simply improves the speed as which you can respond to emails.

New features will also be seen on the mobile platform such as high-priority notifications that will allow you to setup notifications for messages most important to you. Gmail will also have the ability to suggest unsubscribing from mailing lists that are no longer relevant to your interests.

Currently the new Gmail is available to users who opt into the Early Adopter Program. If you would like to opt into the new Gmail, simply go into settings and check the Enable Experimental Access field and hit save at the bottom.

The current release schedule is as follows. All users will be prompted to opt into the new update by August, and sometime in September all users will automatically be switched over to the new system but will then be able to opt out for a period of 12 weeks by which time Google will remove the ability to opt out.

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