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Call Spoofing

Spoofing phone calls is when someone makes a phone call and included specific data that causes the call to appear as a different phone number other than the number actually placing the call. Caller ID lacks the capability of showing the original callers information and instead displays the in-bedded data the spoofer included. 

The practice of spoofing calls is a very commonly used practice used by scammers to fish for information from thousands of people while maintaining their privacy. What once required an extensive understanding of telecommunications and expensive equipment now has been simplifed with the advent of VoIP. Currently many open source software exist that enable a user to spoof phone calls with almost no effort.

The FCC has ruled under its Truth in Caller ID Act that it is illegal for any person or entity to transmit false caller ID information with the intent to cause any measurable harm. However, the law does not make it illegal if no harm is caused. Many have argued with the FCC that the law should be changed so that all spoofing is unilaterally illegal.

Currently, Landshark IT is experiencing a spoof attack, our phone number has been targeted and has been used to spoof hundreds of phone calls. We are taking every action available to us to resolve the issue as fast as possible. A complaint to the FCC has already been filed.

For the time being we have changed our phone number to 727-238-7662.

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