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An Into To Google One


     Recently Google has decided to update and expand its cloud storage services. A new 200 GB storage plan for $2.99 / month has been added in addition to a price reduction on their existing 2 TB plan from $19.99 to $9.99 / month. The storage service has also been renamed to 'Google One'.


     With each storage plan comes some additional features that make them even more attractive for users. The first is that family plans will allow you to share the storage with up to 5 family members. The second feature which is provided with all the storage plans is 24/7 access to Google live support. Google live support provides free professional support for all of its products and services for any issue. Traditionally this feature has only been available to business G suite customers, however with the re-branding this has been extended to all plans including the cheapest $1.99 / month plan. As before Google One will offer 15 GB of storage is provided completely free of charge.

Here is a breakdown of the current storage plans that will be offered:

15 GB - Free

100 GB - $1.99 / month

200 GB - $2.99 / month

2 TB - $9.99 / month

10 TB - $99.99 / month

20 TB - $199.99/ month

30 TB - $299.99/ month

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