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Windows 10 Update 19H1

Microsoft just recently finished pushing out the October 2018 update (1809) after some issues with user data being deleted delayed the release a few months. That has not stopped them from beginning development on the next update code named 19H1. 

There has been little information on when we can except the next big update for Windows 10, however we do know that the update aims to focus on improving existing features rather than adding new ones.

Here are some of the new updates planned for the 19H1 update:

Action Center

The action center is receiving a face lift that will improve the ability to quickly edit various without being redirected to the Settings menu. Currently many of the Action center buttons mearly redirect to the Settings menu rather than directly controlling the settings. This update will streamline the action center considerably especially for touch screen only devices. 

Light Mode

A light mode that will switch the UI such as the start menu, task bar, explorer, and other related windows to a light appearance rather than the existing dark. This is a change that mirrors similar updates seen in the newest update for iOS. It is excepted that this new light mode will be the default look for devices running the home version of Windows 10 that come installed with the 19H1 update.

Office Hub

A new update to the existing Office application that will focus on cleaning up the interface, additional ways of managing the Office web apps as well as improvements to emphasize recently used documents.

Updated Start Menu

A much needed revamp to the start menu is coming in the 19H1 update. Across all previous versions including the most recent the start menu for users was very cluttered with tiles that were in most cases completely useless for the majority of users. This is being dramatically cleaned up and should provide a better experience showing only tiles that are most relevant to the individual user.


With the new update will come a new feature called "Windows Sandbox". This will provide the ability to run a virtual copy of Windows 10 inside their live installation. This will allow users the ability to run programs that they are unsure of without putting their system in risk. Sandbox is currently planned to only be included in the Pro and Enterprise

This is just a few of the best features and updates that will be coming in the Windows 10 19H1 update.





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