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5 Reasons not to use Internet Explorer

Here we explore some of the top reasons not to use Internet explorer as your primary browser.

1: Major security vulnerabilities - When compared to Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer constantly is less secure and easier to hack. This opens up users to additional avenues of attack that they could easily avoid by not using Internet Explorer.

2: Patching cycle is too slow - Microsoft has made a habit of not patching bugs and security flaws with Internet Explorer with any sense of urgency. Routinely issues that Microsoft has been made aware of do not get resolved and sometimes as much as 6+ months pass before an update is seen.

3: Lack of addon update checks- A very common target for attacks are out of date addons and extensions. Internet Explorer does not check to see if you are using out of date addons which can often leave you vulnerable. Both Firefox and Chrome have functionality to check to make sure you are using the latest extensions and will prompt you if an update is required.

4:Its just slow- Without a doubt Internet Explorer is a one of the slowest browsers available. Compared to the superior speed and stability of Chrome, Internet Explorer just feels sluggish to use. Crashes and slow load times are common regardless of the machine it is being run on.

5: Web pages load incorrectly- The majority of browsers all follow the same 'rules' as to how the web site code will be processed and displayed on screen. This is to ensure that websites look and function similarly across different browsers. Not Internet Explorer, Microsoft has instead created their own system that often causes web pages to not load correctly and lose functionality.

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