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Samsung Fold Creasegate

Samsung Fold Creasegate

     Samsung is set to release its new foldable phone the Galaxy Fold on April 26 at a super premium price of $1980. The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first entry into the foldable smart phone market. It is a sleek looking device with a 4.6" display when closed that can fold open relieving a large 7.3' display sporting the Snapdragon 855 processor.

     Being that the release date is only 1 month away it is too late for Samsung to make any hardware changes to the device. So when recent videos emerged showing off the device it came as a shock to some that there was clear evidence of a crease developing in the foldable screen. 

     Samsung did its best to conceal the issue at the San Francisco debut event. No one at the event was allowed to get their hands on the device. Going so far as to cherry pick a unit for the official hands on video published last month.

     These issues exist in nearly all curved and irregularly shaped displays. Issues have been reported with LG's OLED rollable TV developing a permanent bend. It remains to be seen how other manufacturers address the problem, Haiwei's Mate X the primary competitor for the Galaxy Fold is shaping up to be the first entry into the market that has solved the issue. 

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